unfortunate events / malang tak berbau

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Dear Our Love-liest Customer,

I, on behalf of Organza and Lace Sisters, apologize for our long hiatus.
one of us met with an accident. But Alhamdulillah, she's safe and now is currently busy with exams for MBA.

while me, on the other hand..
my laptop fried!
so i'm a bit 'patah kaki'. T__T
but thank God for the invention of the internet, i still can keep track of your orders.
tapi agak lambat sikit.
maaf yer, semua.
malang tak berbau.. (-__-)"

and as a token of our APPRECIATION for you yang sangat lah bersabar dengan kami,
we're now introducing new Wedding Veil Colors!
warna ungu dan warna dusty pink.

and another thing,
kami TURUNkan harga bagi menghargai pelanggan kami yang sanggup bersabar menunggu balasan e-mail dari kami.

thank you korang!
ohh, we can never thank you enough!

selamat shopping
dan selamat bakal menjadi pengantin baru!!

and pssttttt!
kami juga ada tawarkan Shawl Lace...

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